Austin Pricing

Errands: $25/hour

Personal projects/organizing: $30/hour

Handyman services: $35/hour

Pet Check: $14/visit

Laundry Day (drop off/pick up): $18/week


After-hour & Weekend requests are an additional $5/hr. Gas mileage is complimentary up to a 15 mile radius around central Austin.

Payment of invoices are due within five days of receipt. All clients are required to submit credit card information to be held on file. If payment of invoice is not received by the requested deadline, the card will be charged.

Rate Discounts:

Rate is discounted to $22/hr (12% discount) for:

  • First 3 weeks of service for New Clients (this allows us to build a relationship with the client and insure that we can provide the best service)
  • All clients who use the service more than 8 hours/week.

  • Gift Certificates are now available! Click here.